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Christmas Reads: Let It Snow

Okay, let's start by saying that I am that person who starts listening to Christmas music in November. As December approaches, I become quite obsessed with everything red, gold and dark green, I turn into a walking Christmas impersonation. (That's not entirely correct, but I hope you get the idea. ) I love Christmas and if you don't then

So, this year I decided to transfer my Christmas spirit needs into a bookish form. What does that mean? Not only I did listen to Christmas music and watched every movie with a hint of festivities in it, but I also dedicated part of this moth to read a few books with a Christmas theme. And the first one was Let It Snow

Let It Snow is a collection of three stories from three different authors: Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. I have to admit I didn't read anything from them before (shame on me), so I was new to their writing and way of developing characters and plots. I wasn't blown away by any of the stories, after all they were just about 100 pages each I don't think there's a lot to work on, but I was positively impressed by their overall dedication in turning this book into a "you must read it if it's Christmas" kind of book.

Now, onto the actual story. The three stories revolve all around the same background informations. It's Christmas Eve and the weather outside id frightful (I told you I am obsessed). There is a blizzard outside, the kind of one you need to stay inside with a book, a chocolate mug and a cozy blanket near the fire, not the kind during which you go outside throwing snowballs at friends and neighbors. It was that bad. Even a train had to stop its route (luckily near a residential area) and the only shops open are a Waffle House and a Starbucks. 
What would you do if you were stuck in a train/at home/at a Starbucks during a blizzard?
Let's see what the protagonists of the stories would do. * I don't want to say a lot about the single stories because I would prefer not to ruin it for you as I encourage you all to read one or all during this week. Anyway, I hope not to give too many details away. *

The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson
I think this story was my favorite. It is about a girl named Jubilee whose parents are obsessed with the Flobie Village. I personally didn't know what the thing was or if the hype was real. Turns out it wasn't that real, but Maureen made totally plausible. Well, it turns out that that famous Flobie Santa Village is going to change her life. Even though she is stuck on a train full of cheerleaders in the middle of a blizzard near a town called Gracetown, she doesn't lose her spirit. Jubilee decides to go out of the train and walk into the Waffle House nearby. Who is she going to meet? Where is she going to spend her Christmas Eve and the next days with? Will she find love? 
I thought Maureen's writing was lively, fun and easy to read. I really enjoyed how the plot developed and Jubilee's character was one you could identify with. Also, the ending was the sweetest. Call me cheesy, but whatever. I am who I am, I won't apologize. Am I romantic? Yes. Do I like happy endings? Absolutely. Do I believe in love at first sight? Only if I can see it. And that is what happened in this story. I was able to actually SEE those two cuties fall for each other, even if their past experiences weren't forgiving with their heart.

“Debbie had to get up and slice me a thick piece of cake before she could answer. And I do mean thick. Harry Potter volume seven thick. I could have knocked out a burglar with this piece of cake. Once I tasted it, though, it seemed just the right size.” 

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green
This story is set after the beginning of the first one. That means that it isn't Christmas Eve morning or afternoon, it was evening and late night. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Maureen Johnson one, but I was pleased by the ending.
Take three friends (two boys and a girl) marathoning the James Bond movies when a fourth friend working the night shift at Waffle House calls them saying it's URGENT. What do you do? You answer of course. So, they have to go there about immediately bringing with them a twister. Cheerleaders are waiting for it and everyone needs to hurry because they told him so. Boys will be boys. Give them a bunch of cheerleaders (with no offense to them) and they will lose their mind. In fact, the three Waffle House employees all called their mutual friends to bring a twister as fast as they can. They will only let in, the group of friends who arrive first. So our three James Bond's lovers have to hurry asap. During their perilous adventure which includes its fair share of ups and downs, they come to the realization that it isn't about the destination, but about the journey. They will, in fact, learn how to gather their forces against the enemies and to distinguish what's real to what's just an idea in their mind. Is there love involved? Yes. Will our heroes manage to be the winners of the Twister Request? I won't tell you, but if you read above I like happy endings so... Ah I almost forgot to mention that my favorite aspect of this story was the friendship. #squadgoals 

“We just did an awesome job of not dying.” 

The Patron of Saint Pigs by Lauren Myracle
If you are wondering why there's a mention of pigs in a supposedly Christmas story, well, don't worry, I was wondering too. But at the end it all made sense. Actually the fact that at the end it all made sense (all characters, events, people, places, actions) was my favorite feature of this story.
However let's start by stating that the main protagonist was a bit annoying. She was quite pretentious and I didn't enjoy how she treated her friends. She was selfish. BUT. There are reason why she behaves like she does and whether or not I liked her, the ending made it all acceptable. She broke up with her boyfriend because she kissed another boy. I hate that. She wrote him an e-mail hoping for him to come back, giving him a date and a place. I am not fond of that. She and one her two best friends decide to buy a teacup piglet to the other best friend. That's cute. These were the vibes I got from the story: nah, meh, okay, cute. But that ending, wow, I was so happy about it. It was so adorable. All the previous characters made an appearance at the Starbucks this annoying girl works at and the ending gave a proper end to each individual story. So. Cute. 

“Christmas is never over,unless you want it to be... Christmas is a state of mind.” 

Overall I guess it was the book I was looking for. The Christmas vibes weren't too prominent, but added the perfect amount of fluffy feelings. You could hear jingle bells playing in your head. It made you wish for snow. Those friendships made you miss your own friends. It is a perfect read for the festivities and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to fill you Christmas need. It is just so cute and adorable! Obviously don't set your expectations high because, let's be real, these stories are not masterpieces. But I really really enjoyed them! 
Also, teacup pig. You're welcome.

In honor of this book title, here's a gif for snow/winter/Christmas lovers out there.

Fun Fact. I wrote the word Christmas 16 times in 1 review. I am not even sure if I still recognize that word. who I am kidding I will recognize it everywhere.

Final Rating: 

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